Not only are clean service stations important to customers, clean facilities are paramount to public safety! Oil spills and petroleum distillates can make for a slick and dangerous surface for your patrons. At Radiance Exteriors we offer service station maintenance to keep facilities looking great and SAFE! We use commercial grade hot water pressure washers, professional degreasers and detergents to emulsify and remove the petroleum based spills and make your concrete surfaces safe for customers. Additionally, Radiance Exteriors uses recovery equipment to comply with EPA regulations.

Not only does Radiance Exteriors keep your station free from oil build-up and slip hazards, we also clean canopies to remove algae, mildew and diesel exhaust. Pump wipe-downs, trash receptacle cleaning, window washing and storefront cleanings are additional services we can provide to keep your service station looking its very best!



Parking garages are a unique specialty cleaning project in which Radiance Exterior is fully trained! There are many aspects of cleaning parking garages that must be considered. Water supplies, public access, what types of staining are present, fire suppression systems, elevators, stairwells, and whether water reclaim is required are all variables that must be analyzed and planned prior to a safe and successful cleaning. Pressure washing a parking structure is not simply hooking up a pressure washer and blasting away. Hot water, professional degreasers, detergents and soaps are essential elements for cleaning these structures. Water run-off and management of that water is another key element, as most garages will have poor drainage. With our trained Radiance Exteriors crews, we never leave puddles or standing water, which can cause slip and fall hazards to patrons and the general public. 

Most facility managers don’t realize that when it comes to environmental issues, they can be liable for the work their contracts perform. Discharge of petroleum-laden wash water into storm drains is a finable issue from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and this act could cause a building owner to be liable for tens of thousands of dollars in fines. Our technicians use specialized recovery equipment and have been fully trained in “Wash Water Recovery and Reclaim” to eliminate this potential liability.

There are many more things to consider when pressure washing and cleaning a parking structure. The items presented here are only the tip of the iceberg! To learn more, please call Radiance Exteriors to discuss your project at 757-202-5786 or submit a quote request below.